A Victorian Christmas Carol

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A Victorian Christmas Carol

A Victorian Christmas Carol

Now Available from Karen's Kinkade Art Store!


Christmas caroling is one of the most quaint Christmas pastimes. The joy of Christmas caroling started in England, where groups of people would go from house to house singing songs. They were usually rewarded with money, food or drink. Money collected was given to charity, in keeping with the spirit of the season. Thomas Kinkade has brought this tradition to life again in his painting A Victorian Christmas Carol. On a quaint, snow-covered street, men, women and children are all dressed up and socializing. A sleigh, pulling a man dressed like Santa Claus, is pulling down the street. At the end, we see a warm, inviting church, lit up with the splendor of the holiday. Read what Thomas Kinkade wrote about this painting: 

"My first painting in the Old Time Christmas Collection, A Victorian Christmas Carol, honors this joyous season. Period characters populate this quaint Victorian neighborhood, each enjoying the day with a merry chat, a peaceful stroll, a Yuletide carol, a stolen kiss under the mistletoe, a sleigh ride with Santa and, of course, a joyful snowball fight is in the making! Look closely you might even find a few characters from stories of Christmas past. I hope that my painting, A Victorian Christmas Carol, fills both your heart and your home with that same holiday cheer. And as only Tiny Tim can say, “May God bless us, everyone!!!'"


A Victorian Christmas


A Victorian Christmas Carol ("Old Time Christmas I") 
The first painting in Thomas Kinkade's NEW Old Time Christmas Collection depicts a nostalgic look on Christmas.
Look Closely -- Can you find these hidden items?
  • Scrooge
  • Tiny Tim
  • A Kissing Couple
  • 11 Hearts

++++Limited Edition FRAMED Gallery Proof (G/P) CANVAS (Frame included! See below)

++++ Thom released this artwork in 2011.

++++ Rare! This Edition is LIMITED to ONLY 245 in the world!

++++ Hand Embellished Oil Highlighting This canvas is luminous! The artwork literally glows like the lights are shining in the cottage.This is also one of the artworks that change the time of day depending how much light you are shining on it. With medium light it looks like sunset, with more light it reflects back as if it is sunrise ~~ Pure magic! (At the time of purchase you will receive coaching on lighting with dimmer switch)

++++ Signed with a forgery-proof DNA Matrix signature

++++ Gold Foil Gallery Proof Remarque on front of canvas

++++ Framed in a Brandy with fluted roses Museum Quality Frame ~~ ready to hang!

++++ Brass plaque with legend "A Victorian Christmas Carol ~~ Thomas Kinkade"

++++ Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity included

++++About Gallery Proof Editions ~~

Gallery Proof Edition (G/P)
Gallery Proofs are issued in quantities significantly smaller than S/N. They can be distinguished from the S/N edition by the unique gold foil remarque stamped onto the image and the designation of G/P in the numbering process.

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