Thomas Kinkade Disney Dreams Series

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Thomas Kinkade's Disney Dreams Series is an astonishingly popular collection that shows yet more reasons why Thomas Kinkade was -- and remains -- one of most popular and collected painters of all time. Thom's Disney series is a tribute to the genius of Walt Disney.

The collection began with the magnificent Snow White, which is now extremely rare and hard to find. Karen's Kinkade Art Store has Snow White in stock, including one exceptionally rare 18x27 Studio Proof. Click on the name of each image to see the larger size:

Snow White

The Jungle Book                            The Little Mermaid                            Sleeping Beauty

The Lion King                             Beauty and the Beast                           Bambi’s First Year

Cinderella Wishes                         Tinkerbell and Peter Pan                       Pinocchio Wishes
Upon a Dream                                   Fly to Neverland                                    Upon a Star


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