Thomas Kinkade and the Hudson River School of Painting

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Thomas Kinkade was an oil painter in the tradition of the 19th century Hudson River School.

Painters in this school painted natural landscapes in the Hudson River Valley of Upstate New York. Perhaps the most notable artist in the Hudson River School was the German born artist Albert Bierstadt (1830-1903) whose parents moved to America in 1831.  Shown below is Bierstadt’s 1876 magnificent painting Mount Corcoran:


Another prominent Hudson River artist was John F. Kensett (1816 – 1872). Below we see his 1869 painting Mount Washington from the Valley of Conway:



Thomas Cole (1801 – 1848) painted Home in the Woods in 1847. Thomas Kinkade’s cabin scenes were certainly influenced by Cole’s portrayal of the idyllic life in the country:




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