Rare: Twilight Cottage by Thomas Kinkade

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Rare: Twilight Cottage by Thomas Kinkade

Painted in 1997, Twilight Cottage by Thomas Kinkade sold out upon release. This piece is hard to find in any edition. We have one S/N available for $1595.00. Price includes free frame and free shipping to anywhere in the Continental US.

What makes Twilight Cottage so fascinating is that it is a transitional piece in the work of Thomas Kinkade.

While Twilight Cottage features a distinctive Kinkade cottage, footbridge, trees, and flowers that Kinkade collectors so love, an enchanting fantasy element suffuses the painting. This fantasy element prefigures Kinkade later Disney paintings.

Here we are thinking of Snow White Discovers the Cottage, the first painting in the Disney series Kinkade did under commission to the Walt Disney Company.

Released in 2007, Snow White Discovers the Cottage is a breathtaking demonstration of the artistic power and technical virtuosity of Thomas Kinkade as an oil painter:

We highly recommend the rare and hard-to-find Twilight Cottage.

For those collector’s who have all of Thom’s Disney pieces, Twilight Cottage is the perfect next piece for your collection as it shows what Thom was doing artistically ten years before he released his first Disney.

Please call us ay 800-213-6415 if you would like to acquire this piece.

While critics may scoff at Thomas Kinkade, the Walt Disney Company loved him. Disney commissioned Thom to paint their most celebrated characters such as Snow White, Peter Pan, Bambi,  and Pinocchio. See all of the Kinkade Disney’s here. Likewise, Warner Brothers commissioned Thom to paint the Wizard of Oz.

Karen and I love Thomas Kinkade and miss him everyday. He died too soon.





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