Lady and the Tramp by Thomas Kinkade Studios

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It’s Official: Lady and the Tramp is the latest Disney Dreams Release by Thomas Kinkade Studios. Please call us at 800-213-6415 to order your limited edition copy. You can also e-mail us at

Karen’s Kinkade Art Store has been asked: Did Thomas Kinkade actually finish this painting?

The answer is that Lady and the Tramp was formatted and designed by Thomas Kinkade. Sadly, however, Thom would never complete Lady and the Tramp.

When Thom died, licensed Disney painters helped finish the painting. This same thing happened when Walt Disney died and passed the torch to others in the Walt Disney Company.  Thomas Kinkade also had highly trained apprentices who became artists in their own right.

During his lifetime, Thomas Kinkade used the Old World art world tradition and trained apprentices in his studios. When Thom unexpectedly died at age 54, his highly trained apprentices — now artists in their own right — were able to carry on his work. And there is more: The Disney Company sent in its own master artists to help work on the “Kinkade Disneys.” This collaboration between the Disney Company and the Thomas Kinkade Studios ensures Kinkade collectors the world over that the well-loved “Kinkade Disney’s” series will continue.

Thom’s death has not affected the quality of this release.

Lady and the Tramp by Thomas Kinkade Studios, like Thomas Kinkade’s previous Disney Dreams releases, includes a collection of all the characters and the entire story in just this one image. You’ll not only find the Cocker Spaniel Lady and her mutt love Tramp displaying their love by making their prints in a heart. You’ll also find Jock the Scottish Terrier, Trusty the bloodhound, Tramp’s fellow strays Peg and Bull, the trouble making Siamese cats and the rat, Jim Dear, Darling, the Italian Restaurant, the dog catcher, and their surrounding neighborhood. You’ll also find 4 hidden Mickey Mouse ears and ten of the characters from the 10 previous Disney Dreams releases. The gorgeous sunset over the beautiful victorian city will sell this painting alone.

Lady and the Tramp was the 15th release by Walt Disney Studios in 1955. Thomas Kinkade’s Lady and the Tramp is a true classic. .

Interesting Trivia about the Lady and the Tramp:

The opening scene in which Darling unwraps a hat box on Christmas morning and finds Lady inside is based upon an actual incident in Walt Disney’s life. After Walt had forgotten a dinner date with his wife he offered her the puppy in the hat box surprise and was immediately forgiven.

Head animator Wolfgang Reitherman kept rats in a cage next to his desk to study their actions which he used to help him animate the fight between Tramp and the rat.

The film’s setting was inspired by Walt Disney’s boyhood hometown of Marceline, Missouri.

Darling and Jim Dear’s faces are rarely seen in the film in order to maintain a dog’s perspective.

Lady and the Tramp was the highest grossing Disney cartoon since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Walt Disney originally did not want to include the “Bella Note” Spaghetti eating scene which turned out to be one of the most iconic moments in Disney films.

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