Introducing the Thomas Kinkade Studios

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The Thomas Kinkade Company recently released a video showing how Thom ensured that his work would carry on:

When Thomas Kinkade suddenly and unexpectedly died at age 54, he left behind an archive of paintings he had completed. These images will be released over time by his company.

During his lifetime, Thomas Kinkade engaged in the Old World art tradition of training apprentices in his studios. When Thom died, his highly trained apprentices were in place to carry on his work. The new Thomas Kinkade Studios will finish work on those paintings Thom did not finish and also create new pieces in Thom’s very distinctive style.

This same principle applied when Walt Disney died: Highly trained Disney artists carried on Walt’s tradition of artistic excellence and uncompromising standards of quality.

While the newly released Lady and the Tramp was formatted and designed by Thomas Kinkade, Thom would sadly never complete Lady and the Tramp. However, the Disney Company sent in its own master artists to finish Lady and the Tramp. This collaboration between the Disney Company and the Thomas Kinkade Studios ensures Kinkade collectors the world over that the well-loved “Kinkade Disney’s” series will continue.

We at Karen’s Kinkade Art Store remain committed to the work of Thomas Kinkade and preserving his legacy.

God Bless Thomas Kinkade!

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