How Do I Sell My Kinkade?

Karen’s Kinkade Art Store purchases Kinkade canvases according to our inventory needs.

* We only purchase images that are in pristine condition from and have the Certificate of Authenticity.

* When we decide to acquire a piece, we purchase it outright; we do not do consignment.

* We pay dealer prices and not retail prices.

* We are always looking for originals by Thomas Kinkade. Provenance must be established for any original we consider for purchase.

* We are always looking for high end editions, i.e. Masters Editions, Studio Proofs, and Renaissance Editions.

* If your Kinkade does not have the Certificate of Authenticity, we unfortunately cannot consider it for purchase. We cannot replace lost certs.

* The frame does not matter as we put everything we sell in pristine new frames.

* We do not consider or purchase images on paper.

If you have a Kinkade you want to sell that is in excellent condition and has the cert, please call us at 800-213-6415 or fill in the form below.