Christmas Moonlight

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Christmas Moonlight

Thomas Kinkade Christmas Moonlight 18x24 Gallery Proof G/P Canvas

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One of the things that makes Christmas such a special time of year is the way all the houses look on a moonlit snowy night. The twinkle of the Christmas lights and the reflection of the moon on the snow is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. It's almost magical how quiet and peaceful everything looks covered in a blanket of snow. Thomas Kinkade has captured the beauty and peace of a moonlit winter night in his painting Christmas Moonlight. Read what he said about this painting when it was released: 

"A full moon on Christmas Eve is so very romantic; especially when the surprising radiance of moonlight reflects silver on a snow-filled landscape. In Christmas Moonlight, a brilliant full moon dances on the wispy clouds, paints a silver pathway over the pond, touches the snowy tree limbs with light, illuminates the walk and bridge with a welcoming glow, and bathes the roof of our solid stone retreat in a warm, milky white.

The scene is joyful and welcoming. I've draped the roof and eaves, even the bridge with festive Christmas lights. The graceful arch of the antique stone bridge and the foot path that glistens in the moonlight seem to invite the passer-by to stop by and sample the hospitality of the home. Golden light pours through big windows and smoke curls up from the chimney; the cozy comfort of the family life lived within offers a welcome refuge from the cold, crisp Christmas Eve.

In Christmas Moonlight man and nature work together to confirm the warm, inviting, generous mood of Christmas Eve. Distant barns remind us of God's bounty. The silence is pervasive ... wait, is that Santa's sleigh we hear in the distance?

~~Thomas Kinkade


Christmas Moonlight 
Thomas Kinkade plays with the effects of lights ~~ this time it is moonlight at its best.

++++ Limited Edition FRAMED Gallery Proof (G/P) CANVAS (Frame included! See below)

++++ Tom released this painting in 2006

++++ Hand Embellished Oil Highlighting This is a luminous work of art that shines. This is also one of the artworks that change the time of day depending how much light you are shining on it. With medium light it looks like sunset, with more light it reflects back as if it is sunrise ~~ Pure magic! (At the time of purchase you will receive coaching on lighting with dimmer switch)

++++ Signed with a forgery-proof DNA Matrix signature

++++ Gold Foil Remarque on front of canvas

++++ FRAMED in a Brandy with fluted roses Museum Quality Frame ~~ ready to hang!

++++ Brass Plaque with the legend "Christmas Moonlight ~~ Thomas Kinkade"

++++ Certificate of Limitation and Authenticity included

++++ Theme: Snowfilled landscape, moolight cottage, pond, stream and bridge

++++About Gallery Proof Editions ~~

Gallery Proof Edition (G/P)
Gallery Proofs are issued in quantities significantly smaller than S/N. They can be distinguished from the S/N edition by the unique gold foil remarque stamped onto the image and the designation of G/P in the numbering process.

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